We created Work Well Being to inspire a change in how we all work


Work Well Being is the result of our own experiences of struggling to find time to prioritise our wellbeing, during our years spent working in advertising and the music industry. 

We knew that when we did manage to get to that yoga class, or meditate in the morning it had a huge impact on our overall health and happiness. It also enhanced our ability to perform well and be the best versions of ourselves at work. 

However, the ever increasing feeling of being ‘always on’ - glued to our screens or caught up with ruminating thoughts about what we ‘should’ be doing - meant that it was a real struggle to make the time and space, and looking after ourselves became a luxury, not a necessity. Perhaps this sounds like a familiar story to you….

We felt compelled to change this, shake things up and prevent brilliant and talented people feeling the need to retreat from their careers or suffer in silence with feelings of overwhelm or burnout. 

Our simple solution was to support workplaces to create the space for people to take time for their health & happiness during the working day, at the workplace. 

We are experts in wellness. Our first hand experience of striving to achieve a better work life blend, continues to drive and inspire us to continually craft and curate new experiences to bring to our clients.