The Work Well Being Recipe for Living Well


We believe that a well-balanced life involves taking care of all aspects of your being, and your relationships with others and the world around you. 

Our 5 ingredients for Living Well



Be inspired, stimulated and challenged to think differently about the world and your place within it

Topics covered:

Sleep - Happiness - Stress - Technology - Communication - Mental Health - Confidence….. and more


Learn to nourish your body with the right food and support yourself to achieve optimal health & happiness

Topics covered:

Energy Levels - Cravings - Sustainable Health - Healthy Meals for Busy People - Drinking….. and more


The inner you, take time to rest and relax your busy mind, and reconnect with peace and calmness inside of you

Topics covered:

Mindfulness - Meditation - Self-Care - Massage - Sound Healing - Yoga Nidra... and more




Achieve stillness of mind and physical strength & agility by bending, stretching & flexing the body

Practices offered:

Yoga - Pilates - HIIT Training - Qigong - Dance - Hula Hooping…....... and more


Connect with those around you, share experiences, get creative and have fun doing so!

Experiences offered:

Singing – Laughter – Drumming – Mandala Meditation – Craft Workshops – DIY Beauty…. and more




Formats of our corporate wellbeing experiences

Our approach is flexible, so whilst our ultimate intention is to curate and deliver an always-on corporate wellbeing programme, supporting the health and happiness of your staff throughout the year, we can also deliver one off experiences.