The Work Well Being Recipe for Living Well


We believe that a well-balanced life involves taking care of all aspects of your being, and your relationships with others and the world around you. 

Our 5 ingredients for Living Well



The inner you, take time to rest and relax your busy mind, and reconnect with peace and calmness inside of you

Workshops, Inspirational Talks, 1:1 Coaching & Courses covering: 

Mindfulness - Meditation - Stress - Anxiety - Unplugging from Technology - Sleep - Focus - Emotional Intelligence..and more


Learn to nourish your body with the right food and in turn, support yourself to achieve optimal health & happiness

Workshops, Cookery Lessons, Inspirational Talks & 1:1 Coaching covering:  

Energy Levels - Minimising Cravings - Keeping Healthy in Winter - Developing Sustainable Health Goals - Gut Health - Healthy Meals for Busy People …..and more




Be inspired, stimulated and challenged to think differently about the world and your place within it

Workshops & Inspirational Talks covering:  

Values - Happiness - Creativity - Self Belief - Fear - Comfort Zones - Laughter - Self Care …..and more


Achieve stillness of mind and physical strength & agility by bending, stretching & flexing the body

Classes & Courses covering: 

Yoga - Pilates - HIIT Training - Tai Chi - Running - Dance - Hula-Hooping …..and more



Connect with those around you, share experiences, get creative and have fun doing so!

Workshops & Classes covering: 

Singing – Laughter Yoga – Drumming – Mandala Meditation – Craft Workshops – DIY Beauty….and more



Our Team

All of our experiences are delivered by our team of leading experts whose qualifications and expertise span; psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, nutrition, integrative health coaching, mindfulness, co-active coaching, personal training, yoga, and authors. 



Brand Partners

We also work in partnership with like-minded health and wellness brands, such as publisher Penguin Random House, to extend the reach and impact of our employee wellbeing programmes. 



Formats of our employee wellness experience

Our approach is flexible, so whilst our ultimate intention is to curate and deliver an always-on programme of wellbeing supporting the health and happiness of your staff throughout the year, we can also deliver one off experiences.