The Foundations of Workplace Wellbeing

You’re committed to making your workplace a healthy and happy place to be, but it can be challenging to know where to begin with introducing wellbeing experiences. 

Our Foundation Series offers a start point on the path of integrating wellbeing into the heart of your business, creating a culture where people thrive, running alongside any of your internal wellbeing policies. 

Our Foundation Series tackles some of the key challenges we all face in feeling, working & living well

It spans physical, mental and emotional health and is designed to inspire and empower your staff in taking some of the first steps to investing greater time and attention to their health & wellbeing, supporting them to feel more balanced, calm, healthy and happy

Staff will be equipped with practical and tangible takeaways enabling them to immediately put into action what they have learned. The Series also fosters a greater sense of human connection as employees come together in a shared experience. 


The Format


The Series is comprised of 6 ‘Lunch & Learn’ style 1 hour workshops, and a beginners 6 week yoga course.

It is curated to work as whole, with the insights and teachings complementing each other. Equally you may choose to elect individual elements as standalone sessions.


How to Maximise 


Develops an understanding of what food and lifestyle habits increase energy with practical advise on how to maximise energy throughout the day

Stress Signals.jpg

How to 

Manage Stress

Provides clarity on the causes, impact and costs of stress & empowers participants with strategies they can implement

How to 


An introduction to the science and benefits of meditation which can support management of stress, clarity of mind and a greater sense of well being and focus

How to 


Teaches how to form positive boundaries and relationships with our technology and shares tools to get unstuck from your phone

How to 


Empowers people with strategies to promote better sleep and ways to relax when good sleep isn't possible, reducing stress and anxiety

How to 

Eat Well

Teaches the core principles of a healthy diet in a simple and easy to remember way

6-Week Beginners Yoga Course

An introduction to the basics of yoga postures and breath techniques to support improvements in strength & flexibility, reduction in muscle tension and stress and an increase in wellbeing 


Working With Us


Our team is made up of the UK’s leading experts in their respective fields, ensuring quality delivery 

Working with us also means that we apply our skill and expertise in the promotion and management of the programme, ensuring maximum engagement. The Foundation Series includes the following services as part of the package: