Join us for monthly guided meditations hosted by some of the UK’s leading practitioners, providing opportunity to Rest & Reset on your lunch break


Meditation is a way to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing,  a clear and calm mind and better manage stress. 

This 45 minute guided meditation is designed to support you in relaxing, releasing tension and breathing mindfully.  You’ll return to your desk feeling lighter, calmer and energised for the afternoon ahead. 

No experience is necessary you simply follow the soothing words, supporting you to open into peace.


Sign up now for the next Rest & Reset session taking place on Tuesday 3rd October at 12.45pm


What to Expect 

Unsure what to expect? Here’s what some of your colleagues who have experienced one of the Rest & Reset sessions thought: 

"It was extremely simple and re-energising. Well worth the 45mins away from the desk!”

"Found it extremely calming & a great way to de-stress in the middle of the day."

"Excellent session - loved the bells. Would love to experience a sound bath now!"

"Felt really relaxed afterwards - really enjoyed it"