Introducing Your Mental Health Champions

We all have mental health, and just like physical health, how healthy our minds are fluctuates on a spectrum from good to poor. 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and it can affect any of us irrespective of age, personality or background. 

The Mindshare Mental Health Champions are a group of your colleagues who have volunteered to become beacons for ensuring mental health becomes a normal topic of conversation, and sources of support for you. 

The Role of the Champions 

If we are struggling, it is often hardest to share these feelings with those closest to us, for fear of judgement, misunderstanding or upsetting the other person. The Champions provide a strictly confidential source of guidance and support for anyone within the business who may welcome sharing and discussing concerns they may have in relation to their mental health. 

Whilst the Champions have received some basic training in mental health, they are of course not themselves qualified mental health professionals. Their support is therefore intended to be as someone who you can confidentially talk with, and signpost you to any further support or assistance you may need. 

How to Access the Champion Support

Photos of your Champions are included in the gallery below, simply click on their image to send them an email. We suggest sharing minimal information over email, and then arranging a convenient time to meet up for a chat in person. Your Champion can support in suggesting a quiet and private space if needs be. 

You don’t have to know the Champion you are approaching, and in fact you may feel more comfortable approaching someone who you do not already know well. 

Whoever you make contact with, please rest assured that this is a confidential service, no information that you disclose to a Champion will be shared with anyone else within the Mindshare business. 

And of course, the Mindshare HR Team and your line manager remain a consistent support to you, the Champions are not intended to replace this. 

Any Questions?

Should you have any questions whatsoever, then please contact or Kirsty Hall in your HR team