The Role 

Mental Health Champions will make a real difference to the lives of you and your colleagues, working to make mental health a normal topic of conversation, dispelling myths and making it easier for people to seek support.  

They will be at the forefront of making it commonplace for people to say “I’m struggling”, “I’m working too much” or “I need support”, without the fear of negative consequences. 

Who would make an ideal Mental Health Champion? 

We are seeking passionate individuals from across the Mindshare business, with or without experience of mental health problems, and an interest and desire to support others and learn more about mental health. 

If this sounds like someone you know, and you’d like to nominate them to become a Champion, simply fill in this form and let us know their name and why you think they’d make the perfect Champion. 

The nominated Champion will be made aware that you have nominated them, unless you’d prefer this to be kept a secret – in which case tick the box at the end 


The deadline for submissions is Friday 7th April. 

Once the Mental Health Champions have been selected, further information will be shared to confirm who they are and how to go about accessing their support.