Better Sleep

16th August, 12-1pm

Join us to understand how we can create better sleep and when we just can't get it, how to rest and relax to compensate. The session considers environmental factors and the kinds of behaviours that can promote better sleep (both during the day time and in the evening).

You will takeaway an understanding of why we need to prioritise sleep, rest and relaxation and the tools to use when sleep is disrupted, including self-talk, physical relaxation techniques and breathing techniques.

The session is delivered by Dr. Barbara Mariposa of Work Well Being. Barbara is a thought leader in the field of wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, leadership, presence and the science that brings all these things together. Trained at the Royal Free Hospital, London, Dr. Barbara worked internationally, in general practice, psychiatry and public health.

Supporting Your Child's Literacy

15th September, 12-1pm

Are you keen to understand more about how your child’s literacy development is taught at school? Join us for this ‘learning lunchbox’ from literacy charity Springboard for Children, coinciding with the recent International Literacy Day, and providing inspiration and support in this key ‘back to school’ period.

Phonics forms the fundamental basis of reading and what is taught in schools. In this session you will get to learn more about phonics and gain an understanding of school expectations in literacy. You will gain practical ideas to use directly with your child, with tips and strategies for supporting your child with phonics, reading and writing.

This workshop is suitable for parents of children Reception/Year 1/Year 2.

Cholesterol Checks

16th October, 9.30am-5.30pm

October is National Cholesterol Month, an entire month devoted to raising awareness of the dangers of high cholesterol. Cholesterol is often tragically dubbed the ‘silent killer’ because for most people there are no obvious signs and symptoms to look out for. Cholesterol plays a vital role in how every cell works and is also needed to make Vitamin D, some hormones and bile for digestion. However, too much cholesterol in the blood can increase your risk of getting heart and circulatory diseases.

In support of National Cholesterol Month, we are providing individual 15 minute cholesterol check appointments, undertaken by fully qualified medical professionals; a quick & pain free pinprick blood test to confirm the amount of cholesterol in your blood. These appointments will also provide advice and guidance for how to lower and better manage your cholesterol