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If you enjoyed the delicious lunch from Maple & Co, click here to access the recipes for the Mexican Standoff Salad, Energising Warm Grain Bowl, Julius Ceasar Salad, Raw Cacao Energy Balls and The Ultimate Granola Bar.

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Navigating Difficult Conversations


Gain insights & learn practices that increase your ability to relate to others more skilfully and fearlessly, especially in times of difficulty, and develop your skills of influence. To have difficult conversations we need self-awareness and the ability to regulate ourselves, we also need to be clear about our motivations. In this session, using mindfulness techniques, we will develop practical ways to cultivate and apply compassion in order to promote greater connection.

Stress Signals  


An engaging talk with practical application, centred around helping identify the indicators of when stress is arising, and tips and tricks to help keep it in check. The session will cover what happens to our bodies when we feel under pressure, how physical sensations can provide an all important early indicator that we may be under too much, and how to reduce this. The session will include 5 simple self-help tools to learn and take away. 


Digital Detox


We’ve become addicted to our phones & technology, often giving our devices more care and attention than ourselves. What we sacrifice in choosing scrolling over being, is real connection with others and the world around us. In this session we will give you the tools to get unstuck from your phone, tips on how to escape from the relentless distraction of what’s happening on-line, and as a result create space in your life to do the things you really want to. 

January Health Reset


It’s a New Year and with your resolutions made after a celebratory Christmas of excess, you’re ready for the annual January Detox. You’re full of positive intentions as you clean up your diet, give up the booze and ramp up your exercise regime. However, how sustainable or realistic is this approach? In this session, we will reset your approach to improving your general health and wellbeing by looking at the simple principles of sustainable healthy eating. We’ll identify your individual focus and you’ll come away with clear actions that will help you get closer to your goals, step by step, without removing all fun from your life.

Sleep, Rest & Relaxation


We all know the importance of sleep for physical renewal and clarity of mind but good sleep for many can be illusive... and sometimes impossible. This workshop takes a look at how we can promote better sleep and when we just can't get it, how to rest and relax to compensate. We will also be focusing on ways to unwind when you just don't have time! You will leave the workshop with clear actions that you can takeaway and improve your sleep including how to create a pre-bedtime ritual, mantras and affirmations to help you sleep and relax, knowledge of ways to relax and re-energise and a breathing exercise to give you access to instant calm.

Maximising Energy


When the 3pm slump hits, many of us feel compelled to reach for the sugar & coffee, but do we really understand the impact that such stimulants can have? Yes they help to deliver the desired initial high, but we quickly crash back down, leaving us caught in a loop and inhibiting our ability to find focus and feel grounded. In this session we will explore alternative on the go snacks which can sustain our energy levels throughout the day. 

Art of Self Care


Nourishing ourselves goes beyond eating well and regular exercise. To flourish we need to be committed to nurturing mind and body with a dedicated self-care routine. No time for self- care? In this workshop we will teach you time, energy and cost efficient strategies, that will keep you fresh, inspired and resilient.