We work as an extension of your team to curate and deliver a unique programme of wellbeing for your business

Whilst it is possible to simply access our workshops and experiences without engaging any supplementary services, we believe that by engaging our expertise and skill in the overall management of your programme, the result is a far more meaningful experience for your employees, as well as saving you valuable time and resource.

Our services are broken down into 4 steps. You can choose to engage our full range of services, or cherry-pick those most relevant to you: 

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We get under the skin of your business; understand your people, culture and objectives

Achieved through a combination of discussion and staff engagement surveys

We subsequently curate a workplace wellbeing strategy and programme unique to your business, identifying clear metrics for success. 




Key to success is that staff feel motivated and inspired to get involved

We develop and execute a marketing plan to ensure engagement. 

This plan can include - a bespoke creative identity for your programme, provision of a suite of marketing assets, events, free gifts and ongoing communication with staff to maintain interest and levels of engagement 




Total project management, saving you valuable time and resource

We manage sign ups and scheduling via a unique online booking portal for your business

We liaise with employees, sending calendar invites and reminders 




Provide support & inspiration to make real & lasting changes and understand impact & enjoyment

As standard, all of our workshops come with a follow up email, recapping learnings & inspiring continued learning

Beyond this, we can deliver access to supplementary digital content, housed in an online client portal bespoke to your business or tangible takeaways like books from our partner publisher Penguin

We can also deliver feedback surveys and report on the efficacy of the workplace wellbeing programme.