Maximising Energy

When we’re busy, tired and have limited time, it’s easy to grab food from the nearest location or default to a takeaway meal without considering what’s the healthiest and most nutritious option. Then, when the 3pm slump hits, we automatically reach for sugary snacks to get us back on an even keel, without being conscious of the negative impact these foods can have on our health.

This workshop looks at how to develop a healthy and balanced approach to eating that helps us to maximise energy throughout the day. It includes practical advice on how to bring this into daily diets, discusses healthier snack options and provides an understanding of how maintaining balance in other areas of our lives can support overall energy levels.

The workshop will be hosted by our expert nutrition duo, Ollie and Adria. Ollie is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, passionate about supporting people to develop healthier habits and live a well balanced life. Adria is a Natural Chef with a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu and the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is also the Founder of healthy eatery Maple&Co, a Presenter on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and a contributing writer for Men’s Health, What’s Cooking and Superfood Magazine.