Signature Workshops


Here you will find details of all our signature workshops, which tackle some of the most common challenges we all face in feeling and working well. 

Our Recipe for Living Well guides our programme design and the content of our signature workshops. We believe that living a balanced and happy life involves taking care of our Mental & Emotional Wellbeing, investing in our Physical Health & Nutrition, prioritising Sleep, Rest & Relaxation and making time for Personal Growth & Performance. 

All workshops are designed with and delivered by our core team of Associates - leaders in their field, with deep experience and expertise, and a passion and commitment to making a lasting difference. All content and materials used are rigorously tested to meet our standards.

All workshops to take place at your office, or alternatively can be delivered as a webinar. 

Each workshop includes as standard a follow up summary, reinforcing the key points covered and sharing resources for further learning to inspire continued development. 

Each workshop is 60 mins in duration as standard, although this can be scaled back to 45 mins or up to 90 mins if preferable. The usual delivery is suitable for up to a maximum of 25 people however we are able to accommodate larger groups if required.

If you require any further details, or would like to view the profiles of our Associates facilitating the workshops, then please get in touch

Mental & 
Emotional Wellbeing

Physical Health
& Nutrition

Sleep, Rest &

Performance & 
Personal Growth

Featured Workshops of the Month

Each month we shine a spotlight on some of those Signature Workshops most topical and relevant to your employees and business. 

These are workshops with seasonal relevance, connected to national awareness days, newly launched or are in hot demand from our clients. 

April’s featured workshops provide opportunity to mark your organisation’s support of National Stress Awareness month, and the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week, the focus of which this year is stress. 

The workshops equip employees with knowledge, understanding and crucially easily mastered techniques to enhance their mental & emotional wellbeing and better understand and manage stress.

Understanding &
Managing Stress

Learning to

Managing Stress
Through Diet