Wellbeing Day at St Christopher School



To deliver an inspirational day of wellbeing for the entire staff team of 200.

The aim of the day was to provide opportunity for everyone to come together, feel valued and supported as an individual, and demonstrate the school’s commitment to supporting the emotional and mental wellbeing of all staff. 


What We Did 

We delivered a fully managed Wellbeing Day, replacing the usual inset day at the start of term. 

We programmed a broad range of experiences, providing ‘something for everyone’ with a mixture of formats, some requiring pre-registration and others with flexibility to drop in.

Workshops and classes on Nutrition, Sleep, Mindfulness, Laughter, Self-Care, Yoga and Tai Chi were provided, along with Massage and Smoothie demos with free samples of healthy snacks & drinks. 




"Work Well Being were fantastic, they took time to understand our School and what we were hoping for.

They put together a brilliant programme and took all of the stress away from us. I cannot over-emphasise just how easy the whole process was for us as an organisation."

"Our wellbeing day was simply brilliant. All staff are energised, grateful, fired-up for the new term and able to talk to each other about their own concerns. It was an entirely positive experience for everyone involved and I would not hesitate to recommend Work Well Being, we will certainly be repeating the experience" 

- Richard Palmer, Head Teacher, St Christopher School


"I have found myself sharing tips and ideas with my husband over the weekend... I think it's safe to say you haven't just helped the staff, all of these ideas will be shared and hopefully be useful to our friends and families too"

- Teacher and Participant in the day 



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