The Sunshine Lounge at Paddington Central

We brought a little bit of sunshine to the residents and employees at Paddington Central to help them beat the January blues.

Taking place in an inflatable cocoon like space in the heart of Sheldon Square, our Sunshine Lounge allowed visitors to bathe in the warmth of SAD lightboxes and enjoy a soothing cup of warming tea. Work Well Being experts were on hand to share their tips and techniques on how to make winter more manageable.

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What We Did


The dark cold mornings, and creeping daylight means that for many of us at this time of year, we leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark, limiting our exposure to daylight to next to nothing. 

Whilst for some of us this can leave us longing for warmer climates and brighter days, for others it can have a far more serious impact on mood, energy levels and well, ability to feel, work and live well.


We worked with Paddington Central to create an experience informing people about Seasonal Affective Disorder and offering tips as to how to beat it.

It also provided Paddington Central with an opportunity to engage with their residents and employees of businesses within the area at this time of year, and to programme something exciting as part of their annual events campaign


The Results

Key Outputs

Over the course of the 12 days of activity, the Sunshine Lounge attracted a footfall of 1,560 people. The experience attracted a very mixed crowd, business people, families and locals, bringing the whole community together. Many people came back to visit for a second time, bringing friends along with them. 


Feedback from those who joined us to bask in the warmth was that they loved the addition of a calm space to come and relax and enjoy with friends and colleagues. Lots of people remarked that either they knew someone, or they themselves suffered from SAD, and they very much welcomed the advice and guidance of our experts who fielded lots of questions over the 12 days, and shared information on where to access further support. 


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