What Does it Mean to be Happy?

Explores what it means to be happy, and how to form a more realistically positive outlook which builds resilience


Everyone is striving to be happy or happier, but what does this really mean? This session answers this question by drawing on research by Dr Martin Seligman on authentic happiness, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the study of the Blue Zones, and many other interesting and illuminating pieces of research. 

Through this information you’ll learn the various methods for generating more positive experiences and emotions in your life, how much our thoughts (irrespective of our life circumstances) impact on our happiness, and why chasing happiness in of itself, typically leads to unsatisfactory results.

Key Outputs

  • Develops a greater understanding of what the word “happiness” means

  • Teaches different methods for generating more positive emotions in your life

  • Develops awareness of the areas that are best to focus on for long lasting happiness


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