Developing Mental &
Emotional Wellbeing

Teaches skills to become mindfully self aware, emotionally intelligent and therefore more resilient

Duration: 6 one-hour weekly sessions plus a 90-minute consolidation session at week 9 or 10


This course is based on the principles of mindful self-awareness, the six competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), wellbeing psychology and neuroscience. 

The course equips participants with a Resource Kit of skills and tools to:

  • Optimise performance, make best use of human energy and promote wellbeing.
  • Minimise personal and business costs of stress, overwork and the risk of burnout.
  • Learn skills to manage challenging situations effectively and appropriately.
  • Embed a culture of wellbeing, collaboration and communication within the organisation.

Key proven outcomes fall into three main categories: 

  1. Performance, drive and purpose
  2. Personal Wellbeing
  3. Relationships and communication

The course is spread over time to ensure maximal sustainable impact, and because neurological evidence shows that significant changes in brain wiring occur after six - eight weeks of consistent practice.


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