Mastering You Emotions

Teaches the the skills to be yourself and work well with others


Success and wellbeing build from the quality of our relationships both in and outside work. The importance of Emotional intelligence (EQ) is frequently highlighted as a workplace essential, where adaptability, engagement and communication are key. Research shows how EQ trumps IQ when it comes to hiring decisions and promotion, to say nothing of its pivotal role in mental wellbeing. Yet EQ as a concept can seem a bit elusive or even ‘woolly”. 

This workshop will give participants a handle with which to grasp it, grow it and and improve it. It breaks EQ down into six easily applied competencies and provides the scientific basis for each of these and what happens in the brain.

The workshop moves on to explore ways to improve these competencies based on self-awareness, and examines the importance of EQ for managers and leaders and its impact on team performance. Finally it equips participants with the skills of how to harness the power of EQ to improve listening, empathy and communication. 

Key Outputs: 

  • Provides an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and why it is so important

  • Teaches cores skills to develop Emotional Intelligence including listening, empathy and communication

  • Improves participants ability to relate skilfully to each other

  • Enhances leadership capacity by being able to relate to others


Can lead on to a 6-week course, made up of 6 x 1-hour workshops.


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