Employee Wellbeing Days & Weeks


The ideal way to create real impact and inspire staff to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing via a full day or week takeover. 

Our flexible approach enables you to shape the day or week according to your needs and budget, providing you with access to our full portfolio of Standalone Initiatives to make up the programme of the event. 

Our recommendation is that the event include a broad variety of topics, and a mixture of formats with some ‘sign-up’ workshops and classes requiring pre-registration, along with ‘drop-in’ experiences enabling easy participation on the day.

Services available



To help establish which experiences may be of greatest interest and crucially to create a sense of involvement with shaping the programme, we can conduct a pre-event employee survey. 



Your choice from our portfolio of Standalone Initiatives. Complete flexibility for you to select the appropriate number of initiatives, subject to total number of staff in attendance, the duration of the day and the level of variety you wish to offer. 



We create a unique identity for your Wellbeing Day or Week and take full ownership of marketing and communicating the programme to staff. 

We develop a creative identity, so your programme looks & feels like your organisation. We build a marketing plan which outlines key dates for communication and provide you with a marketing pack of assets, to include printed posters & postcards and promotional e-flyers. 



We build a bespoke digital portal for your event, in- keeping with the identity, which becomes home to all event information & content, for all staff to access. 

The portal is home to the booking page with sign up function, enabling easy participation. We manage all sign ups including diary invites & reminders. The portal acts as a content library for your event, housing all Toolkits, providing a valuable resource for all staff to refer back to. 




To receive information and costs for our Wellbeing Days & Weeks please get in touch