Thrive - Optimising Your Energy

Thank you for attending the Thrive - Optimising Your Energy workshop with Dr Barbara Mariposa, we hope you enjoyed.

Included below is a summary of the key points covered, and some ways for you to explore further. 


Dr B's Top Tips

Strengths. Play to your strengths and abilities and look for opportunities to express these at work.

Connect. Do one thing every day to promote social cohesion, like generosity, respect, appreciation, acceptance, kindness. 

Fun. At least once a week, do something that you love just for the fun of it.

Integrity. Know yourself and apply yourself honourably always. 

Values. Keep your actions in line with own personal values.

Purpose. Ikagai - every day create a daily sense of purpose to guide you through the day.

Outlook. Every night, write three things that went well in the day in your “What Went Well” journal.

Breaks. Take regular breaks during the day, ideally one minute once an hour.

Move. At regular intervals, get up, stretch, walk up and down a flight of stairs, keep your body in action. 

Digital Detox. Only use your social media when there is a clear and beneficial purpose.

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