Foods & Moods

Examines the relationship between nutrition and emotions, to support feeling more balanced and grounded


Our relationship with food can be complex, and the foods we choose and how we eat are often influenced not only by physical hunger cues and the need for nourishment, but also, how we are feeling. Conversely, our foods can influence our moods, for example sugar and caffeine filled treats can provide an initial high, but inevitably they leave us crashing back down and feeling lethargic.

This session provides an understanding of how food choices can be influenced by moods, and likewise how foods influence moods. It teaches which foods can support us to feel more grounded and balanced, and provides an appreciation of how lifestyle imbalances can lead to emotional cravings that may be filled with food.

Key Outputs

  • Helps us learn about the relationship of our brain, gut, blood sugar, hormones and stress that impacts our mood

  • Provides the eating principles to help us achieve our mood goals

  • Reviews foods that could negatively impact our moods and why

  • Give participants practical tips on how to achieve a stronger and better relationship with food


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