Foundations of Flourishing

Moves beyond an understanding of how to ‘manage’ stress on an individual level, to explore how the interpersonal and wider cultural dimension affect our ability to flourish.


When we understand the factors that lead to the state of stress we can begin to move beyond this. Instead of trying to ‘manage’ it we can build the foundations of living a life of fulfilment and accomplishment. By understanding the inter-dependency of the personal, the interpersonal and the organisational, we can put in place a truly wholistic, systems approach to wellbeing and success.

This workshop starts with the science of what stress and burnout are, how they affect us and the longterm consequences of ignoring them, in order that we can recognise and prevent them in ourselves and others. It then moves on to explore the factors that not just protect us but allow us to live with vitality, meaning and direction, to flourish.

The workshop provides participants the opportunity in a light hearted way to re-orientate themselves with regard to stress and take a deeper look at how they can transform their daily lives with the help of a few simple principles and tools. Based in neuroscience, the intention of this workshop is that participants leave informed and inspired to put into practice the things proven to bring us energy and fulfilment, practices that benefit us, those around us and the culture that we share.

Key Outputs: 

  • Provides an understanding of what stress and burnout are, the science, and the damage done
  • Examines the personal factors that may get in the way of us practising good self-care
  • Explores the factors that promote performance, collaboration and wellbeing, including presence and trust
  • Teaches the pivotal role of values, meaning and belonging  as foundations for fulfilment
  • Encourages participants to take personal responsibility: applying the principles in our life - from idea to action


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