Individual & Group Coaching

Individual and Group coaching to support staff in creating positive change. 

Coaching is a way to delve deeper into a subject, to gain mastery and practical ‘hands-on-practice’ of working through ideas and challenges. As such these sessions work well as an extension of many of our introductory Signature Workshops. 

The output of both the Individual and Group coaching sessions is an individual strategy and action plan to tackle the subject in hand. 

The Group Coaching sessions are 90 mins in duration and require group interaction and reflection. They are suitable for group size of 5-25 employees. 

All coaching is delivered by top class wellbeing experts from the Work Well Being network

For Individuals

Mental Wellbeing Coaching

Provides a safe & non-judgemental space for individuals to discuss mental & emotional wellbeing 

Health Coaching

Explore health goals and develop a personal plan to achieve these

Leadership Coaching

To develop skills of authentic leadership for new, aspiring and established leaders

For Groups

Mastering Stress

Looks at what stress is, how to notice when levels are rising and provides strategies that support resilience

Mastering Technology

Explores the importance of forming positive boundaries with technology & shares strategies for achieving this

Mastering Your Goals

Explores what might be holding us back from exploring our goals & allows for the development of a clear action plan

Mastering Conversations

Supports the development of strong relationships through understanding boundaries and developing listening skills

Mastering Change

Explores the prevalence and uncertainly of change and provides strategies to allow us to cultivate a more positive response



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