Group Classes for Workplaces

We offer a wide variety of group classes, spanning physical exercise, relaxation and creativity. All classes are underpinned by shared connection between employees, providing opportunity for them to come together to experience something unique in the workplace. 

Classes can be offered as stand-alone ‘tasters’ or as longer running programmes.



Most classes can take place within your workplace, all that we require is a suitable space. For those classes to be undertaken outdoors, we will secure a convenient location and arrange all necessary licenses. Any required props will be provided. 

All classes are delivered by top class wellbeing experts from the Work Well Being network

Employee yoga classes for workplace wellbeing.jpg


Improve strength & flexibility and achieve stillness of mind. Wide variety of styles & levels to suit all staff



A guided meditation designed to support relaxation & release of tension, creating a sense of calm, wellbeing & focus

Pilates classes for workplaces.jpg


Improve posture & mobility, great for those of us who sit at desks for long periods of time



A slow & gentle practice similar to Tai Chi, Qigong uses natural and flowing postures to let go physically & mentally


Drumming Circle

An opportunity to play and be in the moment. Through drumming we are able to express ourselves, create together and find relaxation

Bootcamp training for workplaces.jpg


Based on the principles of HIIT training, these 30 min sessions involve working for short intervals at a high intensity


Mandala Meditation

Learn how to effortlessly meditate every day using the simple technique of drawing mandalas (circular repetitive designs)

Sound Bath

Working with crystal singing bowls, sounds flow through the body supporting the release of stuck energy to create a sense of peace and wellbeing

Craft and creative workshops for businesses.jpg

Craft & Creativity

A number of crafty workshops that bring groups together to create unique objects such as flower & plant arrangements & origami animals!



A great way to bring people together, release happy hormones, create a sense of calm and have fun! 



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