Fully Managed Programmes

Our expertise goes beyond simply providing you with outstanding content and experiences.

We know that for our workplace wellbeing programmes to influence real change requires them to be grounded in insight and underpinned by exemplary communication and management, which is why we offer full end-to-end management of your programme. 

We provide you with the flexibility to elect which services you require to ensure maximum value, impact and engagement for your business: 

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Annual Programmes

Wellbeing Days & Weeks

Wellbeing Experiences


"Abby and Louise are very professional and passionate about what they do and as a result they are always looking to find ways to make our programme even more successful. We are looking forward to seeing what is in store for our next quarter and continuing our work together" 

- Kirsty Hall, HR Manager, Mindshare

"Our Wellbeing Day was simply brilliant. All staff are energised, grateful, fired-up for the new term and able to talk to each other about their own concerns. It was an entirely positive experience for everyone involved and I would not hesitate to recommend Work Well Being, we will certainly be repeating the experience" 

- Richard Palmer, Head Teacher, St Christopher School


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