Healthy Boundaries

Provides an understanding and experience of creating healthy boundaries that benefit individual and organisational wellbeing.


Establishing good personal and professional boundaries is an essential skill and an important tool for optimising our mental health. We live in an a world of opportunity and connection where, if we are not careful, our lives can feel continually ‘ON’ and as if we’re never doing enough. We feel compelled to say ‘Yes!’, to always be online and on call, and to respond within minutes to emails, wherever we are in the world. Healthy boundaries help us protect our personal space, feel and know that we’ve done ‘enough’, and to manage our communications and connectivity.

This workshop explores how to create good quality boundaries so that we can be more effective employees and more loving and attentive in our relationships. When created correctly they demonstrate self-care, respect and leadership. Creating boundaries helps us to notice non-useful habitual behaviours. You’ll be guided to transform these into clear agreements that benefit both sides of the relationship. 

The approach of this workshop is very much experiential, requiring active participation and interaction amongst the group and self-reflection. 

Key Outputs

  • Provides an understanding of what a boundary is and how they work
  • Teaches the core characteristics of a good quality boundary that benefits everybody involved
  • Explains the difference between expectations and agreements and how this helps to be more effective in work


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