Healthy Eating - The Basics

Teaches the core principles of a healthy diet, to support optimum health and happiness and exposes some of the latest nutrition trends


Developing a healthy attitude to nutrition isn’t about quick and intensive fixes, but considering a step-by-step approach that builds real change over time. In many ways, it is about returning to basics, doing away with trends such as ‘free-from clean eating’ or the latest celeb diet, and establishing a more intuitive way of eating.

This session looks at practical and simple changes that participants can make to their diet, by developing a greater awareness around what they put into their bodies and the impact it can have. It also crucially equips participants with the tools to factor this into everyday life in a way which is sustainable over the long term. 

Key Outputs

  • Provides an understanding that a number of factors determine overall health, not just food and exercise
  • Provides an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of current eating trends
  • Teaches the core principles of a healthy diet in a simple and easy to remember way
  • Shares practical food suggestions for throughout the day
  • Considers ways to develop a realistic and sustainable approach to change that works for the individual


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