How to Meditate

Provides an introduction to the practice of meditation, explaining the benefits and experiencing the ‘how’


The practice of meditation is quite simply a way support relaxation and manage stress levels, enhance clarity of mind and provide a sense of calm, wellbeing and focus. All achieved by simply bringing the mind to rest on a point of focus, be that the breath, the body, or other visualisations. And yet for many, meditation may feel shrouded in confusion or mystery, or perhaps something that's just 'not for me'. 

This session seeks to provide an introduction to what meditation is, explains the benefits, and provides experience of the 'how' via a guided meditation practice, with the focus of attention being the breath. Our breath is a direct link between our body and our mental state. When we are angry, scared, anxious, relaxed or joyful we witness these emotions reflected in how we breathe. The session will introduce participants to simple breathing techniques to incorporate into daily life. 

The approach of this workshop is very much experiential, requiring active participation and interaction amongst the group and self-reflection. 

Key Outputs

  • Provides an understanding of how to breathe slowly, deeply and in a relaxed way
  • Shares techniques for how to use your breath in potentially stressful situations
  • Provides a sense of contentment and wellbeing
  • Supports relaxation and overall wellbeing 


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