Mindfulness 101

Teaches the basics of what mindfulness is, the benefits and how to begin your own practice


As digital connectivity, social media and changing working patterns mean more of us live in “always on” mode more of the time, our ability to focus, listen and simply think straight is being eroded, with serious consequences for our wellbeing, work and relationships. Growing mountains of credible research back up the benefits of mindfulness in terms of attention, emotional awareness and psychological balance. It has become essential part of a successful person’s toolkit. 

This introductory workshop defines the term and debunk the myths. It explores the underlying science of attention and how mindfulness benefits the brain, examines its role in counter-acting stress and improving performance and shares the benefits for wellbeing, emotional balance, communication and leadership. This workshop is intended as a practical introduction to getting started.

Key Outputs

  • Improves focus
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances relationships
  • Improves overall happiness and wellbeing


Can lead on to a 6-week course, made up of 6 x 1-hour workshops 


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