Leadership Coaching

To develop skills of authentic leadership for new, aspiring and established leaders


Leadership is about showing up and stepping up, whether you have or aspire to a leadership role in your organisation. It requires a commitment to develop and grow in the service of something greater than yourself. 

These 45 min 1:1 sessions are designed to provide new, aspiring and established leaders with the space to fulfil their potential and the potential of their organisations. The sessions are delivered by our professional life and executive coaches who bring cross-sector experience, whole-heartedness and compassion to their work. 

The approach combines self- and other-awareness with courageous, purposeful action, supporting individual growth so that employees can have a bigger, more positive impact in the world. Where others shy away from the demands of leadership, the coaching provides support for those who want to step in, and helps effectively manage the stresses that this exposes before they become damaging. 

The experience is intended to develop powerful leadership skills, which are true to the individual’s authentic self, facilitating more passion and meaning in their career and more vitality, joy, confidence, motivation and well-being.

We recommend a commitment of at least three to six months to embed positive change. 


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