Managing Sugar Consumption

Demystifies the truth about sugar dependency and consumption and ways to make better food choices.


The average UK adult consumes 58.8g of added sugar per day from a variety of sources when the recommended maximum amount is 30g per day. Unfortunately, excess sugar consumption can lead to health issues including weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, acne and tooth decay.

Added to that, many of us experience cravings during the day to help us manage negative feelings such as low energy, boredom and sadness, which find us turning towards sweet treats such as chocolate, biscuits and fizzy drinks. These foods can be high in sugar, giving you an immediate high but leading to an energy crash later on in the day (in addition to the negative health effects).

This session provides an understanding of the negative health effects of excess consumption; helps to identify sources of sugar, teaches practical ways to reduce cravings and sugar consumption and find out about healthier snack options

Key Outputs:

  • Explains the range of negative health effects from excess sugar consumption
  • Identifies the main sources of excess sugar in the UK diet and demonstrates how to look for it on food labels
  • Shares practical tips on how to reduce sugar consumption
  • Discusses how we can incorporate alcohol moderately
  • Considers what we can do to manage our sugar cravings during the day


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