Mastering Change

Explores the prevalence and uncertainly of change and provides strategies to allow us to cultivate a more positive response


Change is always happening around us. We need change in order to evolve and learn and grow. But sometimes change can feel scary and uncertain, and we find ourselves catastrophising and creating negative stories about what might happen.

Often the uncertainty and the catastrophising happen unconsciously, and, without us even knowing, our behaviour is affected. 

But it is possible to gain awareness around the negative stories we are telling ourselves in the face of change, and realise they are just stories. When we do that we see that we can actually create new stories or responses to change that feel more positive. 

This session walks through our reactions to change step by step, offering attendees the chance to think about any negative stories they have coming up, and showing them how to change their perspective. We then share five key strategies to self-care whilst navigating the process of change.


Key Outputs

  • Understand the impact of uncertainty and change

  • Explore the stories we tell ourselves about what change means, and tools to change that story

  • Learn strategies to build greater resilience in order to navigate on-going change

  • Encourage connection and support from colleagues


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