Mastering Conversations

Supports the development of strong relationships through understanding boundaries and developing listening skills


It's so easy to slip into habits that don't serve us. One of those, within the workplace, is saying yes when we really want to say no.

We people please and end up with far too much on our plate, leaving us over burdened and stressed. Likewise, it can feel challenging to ask for what we want with confidence and assertiveness. And furthermore, it can be a challenge to listen deeply to colleagues to really understand others needs and motives. Basically, conversations can be really tricky. 

However, mastering conversations is possible. When we learn where our boundaries lie, develop strategies around being assertive and clear in our requests, and work on our listening skills we increase our ability to be productive and build strong relationships. 

This session gives participants the space to develop highly effective conversation skills, leaving them feeling empowered and energised


Key Outputs

  • Understand where your boundaries lie in terms of what you say yes to and what you say no to
  • Learn strategies to feel confident and assertive when making requests or saying no
  • Enhance listening skills in order to fully understand what others mean
  • Create a culture where courageous conversations are celebrate


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