Mastering Your Goals

Explores what might be holding us back from exploring our goals & allows for the development of a clear action plan


We all have goals that we want to achieve, but it's easy to lose sight of them when busy-ness, self-doubt, distractions and comparison play out.

Shining the light on what's stopping us taking action, along with identifying what kind of support systems we can develop and actions we can take allows us to move forward with our goals.

This workshop moves through a framework which firstly helps attendees articulate their goal, identify what holds them back in trying to achieve it and understand what internal and external support is available to help them achieve it.

The framework then encourages attendees to find positive stories and perspectives that help them to visualise the goal being achieved, identify the overall purpose or reason for wanting to achieve the goal, and then commit to five boundaries and five actions in order to stay on track.

Key Outputs

  • Understand the barriers that hold you back when trying to move forward with a goal
    Experience the use of a clear framework that can be used with any goal to gain clarity and focus

  • Personal toolbox of supportive practices that make achieving goals much more likely


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