Mastering Your Inbox

Examines how to can regain control of the inbox, minimising feelings of overwhelm and equipping participants with strategies to apply immediately. 


We are living in an age of digitisation, immediacy and constant distraction, which when left un-checked can result in feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and burn-out. It is imperative we take control of our relationship with technology, and in particular with our inbox. So much of work today involves our inbox and emails; are you creating more hassle, less productivity and more stress through bad habits?

This workshop teaches how to build and maintain good habits with your email; become the master of your inbox instead of the servant, find the joy in work once again.

The approach of this workshop is very much experiential, requiring active participation and interaction amongst the group and self-reflection. 

Key Outputs

  • Reduces feeling of overwhelm and anxiety

  • Supports enhanced prioritisation and time management ability  

  • Teaches how to form positive boundaries with technology

  • Supports greater feelings of ease and contentment 


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