Mental Wellbeing Coaching

Provides a safe & non-judgemental space for individuals to discuss their mental & emotional wellbeing


We all need a space to let off steam, off-load challenges or concerns that have been niggling at us, and to feel listened to and truly heard.

Whilst friends, family and colleagues can undoubtedly play a role in enabling us to do this, often an unbiased and impartial sounding board can provide a more meaningful and constructive form of support. 

These 30 minute 1:1 sessions are intended to provide employees with the space to talk and work through thoughts with a fully trained mental wellbeing mentor. It may be that the employee has a specific problem or concern (be that in their work or personal life) that they would welcome talking through.

In a safe neutral space, problems can be aired, solutions allowed to emerge and simple wellbeing tools learned, short-circuiting the possibility of longer term damage. This service reduces the need for more structured, potentially stigmatising, organisation-led measures such as EAP which may seem to reduce personal autonomy and dignity. 

These sessions also provide space for individuals to come to without any obvious or immediate problems to address. Sometimes we simply need opportunity to be speak and be heard, to work through any niggling gripes before they transform into larger obstacles or barriers in our life.

The sessions are booked anonymously and are completely confidential - no information is shared with the organisation. This confidentiality would only ever be broken if our mental wellbeing mentor believed the individual to be a danger to themselves or others, in which case we would inform the individual of this. 


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