Rest & Reset: How to Re-set with Carly


A message from Carly

Today was a great example of how quickly we can re-set - in just a short break we can re-set and then come back to life with a fresh and renewed feeling. When we approach life with that freshness, life meets us back from there. 

It was beautiful at the end of todays session just as the bowls finished and we dropped into silence the sun came out and shined into the room from across the hall. Magic moment - thank you for creating such a lovely energy together.

Recommended Resources 

Meditation Apps:
These are great to add on to your phone to support a daily practice - 1) Headspace, 2) Meditate Me, 3) Calm 

Essential Oils: 
Today we worked with essential oil blends, to breathe deeper, if you liked working with the oils you can read more and order here. Lavender is great for relaxing, we used Lemon Grass today for grounding and uplifting - you can also put on the soles of your feet before bed to support a deeper sleep.

Elena Brower shares a wonderful resource of meditations, you can connect with them here
On my web site there are a few short meditations to start your day or to end the day to support deeper sleep, visit here

I have a series of events to support balance and well being - coming up next is sound healing and mantra at triyoga in Camden 28th October - if you would like to read more and book visit here

Abby Hubbard