Rest & Reset: The End of Year with Emma Mills


Emma's Top Tips

1. Put one hand on your tummy and one over your chest and gently follow the course of your breath. This is a nice, gentle breathing exercise. In this, you aren't changing the breath, just feeling the way it is. 

2. 7/11 Breathing: breath in, using your nose for the count of 7, and breathe our for the count of 11. When the out breath is a little longer than the in breath, the nervous system is encouraged to relax. This said, it is very important never to strain or force your breath to do a thing that feels uncomfortable.

3. Humming Exercise: you breathe in through your nose, and on the out breath you let a little humming sound out. This is a lovely practice to include within a meditation, especially before bedtime.

4. Do Nothing: Leave room in your meditation for ‘doing nothing’ or ‘just being’. There are many lovely meditation activities to do, (like the ones above) and they are all beneficial in there own right. Even though the activity is meditational in nature, it is still an activity and therefore a way of being occupied. It can also be lovely to be unoccupied from time to time, and one way we can do this is by leaving space within our meditation, maybe at the end or at the beginning, where we are not doing an activity and we aren't engaged. Instead we just sit with ourselves and watch our current experience as it unfolds and evolves in each moment. 

Abby Hubbard