Rest & Reset: Cleaning Your Internal House


Cleaning Your Internal House with Naomi Wright

Although its normal to experience feelings of stress, worry, anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, fatigue or uncertainty - these are actually all cues for a call to action within ourselves to make some changes and to break the cycle of strain within.

Often when we’re busy, we ignore these emotional cues and keep pushing on with our ‘to-do list’ despite the warning signs. Stopping to reset, recover and reconnect to that place of being, beyond the doing, doesn’t need to be another overwhelming item on your to do list. It is arguably the most important time-out you’ll take all day and a hugely effective way to clear the mind-body system of unwanted rubbish!

A short meditation session can include any of the following:

Closing the eyes, placing the hands on the belly, and deeply filling the lungs from the belly, up through the chest and exhaling gently through the nose. 3-5 mins of this will help settle your internal system.

Practicing body feeling and awareness. This can be practiced now at your desk! Close the eyes, and scan the body from the scalp to the toes, systematically putting your attention and awareness on all areas of the body and letting go and relaxing areas of tension.

Taking a walk on your lunchbreak in a nature filled space. Connection to nature has an extremely calming influence on our state of wellbeing.

And remember, it’s not only you who stands to benefit from your happiness, in the same way, its not only you that suffers when you are stressed. Your positive presence has the potential to uplift and inspire everyone you come into contact with. Become part of a peaceful ripple effect by making a simple decision to make your own state of mind, thought and action your own priority. Its a win-win for everyone!

Abby Hubbard