Rest & Reset: Breathing into Your Day


How Do I Bring  a Little Mindfulness into My Work Day?

Remember not to over-complicate meditation. It is as simple as paying attention to your breath and coming back to this as an anchor whenever you get distracted.

Try to be gentle with your 'monkey mind' when you do feel distracted during meditation (...or during a work meeting.) This is only natural. Bring the focus back to the breath with compassion, not fustration! 

 It doesn't have to be 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. It is how you feel and act throughout the day that matters most. See how many times you can ask yourself;  "Am I present right now?"

 Contrary to popular belief, we don't want to be taking deep breaths in order to calm down. Instead, allow your breathing to naturally become slow and steady as you bring your focussed attention to this. 

Abby Hubbard