Rest and Reset: Mindfulness in the Workplace


Top Tips: Mindfulness in the Workplace

One conscious breath...

With one conscious breath we can re-set, this has the potential to change the whole day, reminding ourselves through out the day to take a moment to stop and deeply breathe. It doesn't need to be fancy or profound, a simple moment of taking a deep breath and choosing to re-set from there. 

Essential Oils

Working with essential oil blends is a great way to breathe deeper and treat yourself at work. Feel free to contact Carly with any questions about the oils she uses. 

(Lavender is great for relaxing, Wild Orange for Uplifting, Balance is a blend for general support - you can also put on the soles of your feet before bed to support a deeper sleep). 

Mindful Browsing

On Carly's Website there are a few short meditations to start your day in the best way before work, or also to unwind after a long day. 

Coming Up

Carly has a series of events to support balance and well being - coming up next is movement and sound healing. Register to hear more. 

Free Meditations

Click here to listen to more free guided meditations online from Elena Brower

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