Cultivating Happiness


Thank you to those who joined the Cultivating Happiness workshop.

Included below is a summary of the key points covered, for you to put some of the suggestions into action. For those who did not make it, we hope these top tips will prove useful for you also.


Top Tips

Create Lasting Happiness

Have better conversations with your Self, the Others in your life, your Work and Home. Work your way through key questions like:

  • Am I following the vision I want for my life?
  • Which energy sources drain or elevate me?
  • Where can I be of service to others?
  • Can I ask for help and/or delegate at work?
  • Have I set specific goals instead of just blowing in the wind?
  • Can I have peace of mind at home?
  • Which areas are causing unhappiness and how could you reframe your thinking?
  • What slight tweaks could you make to your routine or relationships with others which will elevate your happiness and those around you? 

Strengths, Strategies, Resources & Insights

Take the time to do your Strengths, Strategies, Resources and Insights audit to build your happiness toolkit.

When you are in a period of upset or having a negative experience try and move to a state of positive action to make changes by affirming your SSRIs and speaking with statements like:


The HEAL Framework

Practice the HEAL framework for hardwiring your brain for happiness. 

H - Have those positive moments daily big or small.....the pleasure of a clean kitchen, a great new dress, coffee with a friend, a new project, a new baby... 

E - Enrich the experience with all your senses - what does it look, smell, feel, touch and taste like....the more you do this you fire the neurones in your brain to cement this experience

A - Absorb it - Make it personal and connected to you. Why does this positive moment/experience matter to you?

L - Link negative situations or moments with positive - Say you have an argument with a friend, rather than wallow in the upset think about and find the positive in the event e.g. we are both angry because we care about each other etc. Use this positively overwrite the negative. Concentrate overtime on the positive to relinquish the power of the negative

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