Rest & Reset - Cultivating Acceptance


When things get a little challenging stress, anxiety and resistance arises. Most of us probably experience these feelings, thoughts and emotions each day and usually either ignore them, or allow the mind to run away and create stories about how things 'should, could, or would' be, if only...


Cultivating the attitude of acceptance asks us to invite these feelings in, and to move beyond them. It is possible to accept and create space for whatever it is arising in our physical form, situationally or emotionally. We remove the 'second arrow' of pain by not resisting what it is that is arising, instead by creating space for it to arise we also create a space for it to fall away again. 

When it comes to external factors and situations, these tools of acceptance and surrender can be particularly useful; saying 'yes' to wherever it is we are finding ourselves, and instead of creating physical and mental contraction, let us instead become aware, present, and notice our reactions, with the intention of non-identification. 

Meditation is referred to as a practice for a reason, not because you are trying to get somewhere you are not already, but because naturally the mind will wander to past and future stories, stress-triggers and anything it decides to fixate on (often with little purpose). This is all part of it, to some degree it will always be there, and is simply another distraction to be included in your meditation. The more acceptance and surrender we bring, the lighter and less invasive the monkey mind will seem! 

Mollie Mendoza