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Forming Positive Relationships with Technology

5th June, 12.30-1.30pm, Leary

Explores how to form positive and realistic boundaries with technology so that it serves you in a far more positive way. 

We are surrounded by technology, and in the future, we will see even more of the same. Of course this brings numerous benefits and positives to our lives, be that the increased flexibility to work remotely; our ability to connect and learn from communities across the globe; or sheer entertainment!

The challenge is that we are only just coming to understand more about the impact of our technology use, whilst technology has numerous benefits it can also act as a way to numb us out of feeling our real emotions. This session is about shining the light and awareness on what we use technology for, and developing ideas on how to change our relationship to it in a way that serves us. 

The approach of this workshop requires active participation and self-reflection, you’ll be challenged to consider your own habits around technology use and what it costs you. You’ll come away with a feeling of empowerment and a personal road map which will support you to become ‘in-charge’ of your technology rather than being a slave to it. 

This workshop is delivered by Co-Active Coach, Hannah Massarella. Hannah’s approach is intuitive, caring and fun, she is committed to championing your creativity and helping you to grow. 


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