Maximising Energy


Teaches us how to improve our energy levels based on essential human nutrition needs and better lifestyle habits.

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, at any given time, one in five people feel unusually tired and one in ten have prolonged fatigue. While some may have medical reasons for their tiredness, for many, the challenges of everyday life can cause this lethargy.

Added to this, when we’re busy and have limited time, it’s easy to grab food from the nearest location or default to a takeaway without considering what will best support our energy. Then, when the 3pm slump hits, we reach for sugary snacks to get us back on an even keel, without being conscious of the negative impact these foods have on us feeling exhausted in the first place.

This workshop helps participants to break that cycle and looks at how to develop a healthy and balanced approach to eating that helps to maximise energy throughout the day. It provides practical advice on how to bring this into daily diets, discusses healthier snack options and provides an understanding of how maintaining balance in other areas of life can support overall energy levels

What people say

Very well delivered session. I felt I learnt some new things and it also reinforced some things I already knew. - Participant at IFRS

Key Outputs

  • Teaches the importance of food and lifestyle as a foundation for limitless energy

  • Provides an understanding of the biology of energy balance and how to support energy creation through food and lifestyle

  • Teaches how to avoid the mid-afternoon slump

  • Empowers participants to consider how lifestyle imbalances affect energy levels

Available as:


Duration: 60 mins or 3-hours
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: 25


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Online + recording shared
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 30 min digital recording + support tools
Location: Online
Capacity: Unlimited

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