Weekly Meditation


Ongoing drop-in guided meditation sessions, providing opportunity to step away from the desk to experience rest and relaxation, returning recharged.

Meditation is a way to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, a clear and calm mind and better manage stress. All achieved by simply bringing the mind to rest on a point of focus, be that the breath, the body, or other visualisations.

These 45 minute guided meditations are hosted by meditation experts who guide participants through a practice whilst they sit with eyes closed.

The sessions are designed to support participants in relaxing, releasing tension and breathing mindfully. The intention is that participants return to the desk feeling lighter, calmer and energised for the afternoon ahead. No experience or effort is necessary.

What people say

A really useful session. Fully recommend session + practitioner to colleagues and friends. Would love to see this again at Tableau. 100% beneficial. Make meditation classes a recurring thing please! – Participant at Tableau

How it Works:

  • Capacity: 30

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Location: a suitable space in your office for the class to take place, ideally somewhere that is quiet and provides a level of privacy.