Making the Most of Your Time


Explores how to break away from distraction and constant stimulation, and how to live and work with greater calm, ease and focus.

Time management is the holy grail of our busy lives: with so many competing demands, how can we get everything done and with so many distractions, how can we stay focused? 

This insightful and practical workshop explores some powerful techniques to identify what’s really important and how to prioritise it. It teaches effective tools to help overcome common obstacles such as procrastination, and shares how to notice the patterns that help and hinder you and create better, lasting habits. 

Participants will leave the workshop with a new sense of focus, feeling empowered to become more productive and energised.

The approach of this workshop is very much experiential, requiring active participation and interaction amongst the group and self-reflection. 


What people say:

I found it super interesting and very much hope to put the recommendations in to practice. – Participant at Tableau

Key Outputs

  • Increased productivity and performance

  • Improved clarity, effectiveness and direction

  • Lower stress, anxiety and burnout  

Available as:


Duration: 60 mins or 3-hours
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: 25


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Online + recording shared
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 30 min digital recording + support tools
Location: Online
Capacity: Unlimited