Mindful Drinking


Examines our relationship with alcohol and how to have a more conscious approach to drinking.

Socialising often goes hand in hand with a couple of drinks and sometimes those couple can turn into quite a few more. It can be an absolute blast at the time, but the morning after, our bodies may not be so thankful, and we’re left suffering the physical hangover symptoms and craving not so healthy foods to ease the pain.

This workshop teaches how to drink more consciously, how to replenish the body after drinking, as well as discussing alternative approaches to the usual go-to hangover ‘cures’.

Participants will leave armed with greater knowledge of how to enjoy drinking without jeopardising our health and wellbeing.


Key Outputs

  • Teaches how to prepare in advance for big nights out

  • Explores a more mindful approach to drinking that helps to make more conscious choices and drink less excessively

  • Empowers participants with how to deal with the morning after with alternatives to the usual greasy hangover remedies

  • Provides an awareness of the core principles of healthy eating to try to apply during social periods

  • Delivers an understanding of how good lifestyle habits around areas such as sleep and exercise can provide extra support

Available as:


Duration: 60 mins or 3-hours
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: 25


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Online + recording shared
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 30 min digital recording + support tools
Location: Online
Capacity: Unlimited

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