Posture for Performance


Teaches how posture and movement can ease aches and pains with a few easy to implement strategies.

There has been much recent publicity about the time office workers spend seated at their desks. Is it really bad for our health? What can we do to improve the situation?

This workshop looks at posture and discusses what we can do to optimise posture at work. We evaluate the latest health literature to provide a clinical insight into why we get neck and back pain from poor posture and how we can all take steps to alleviate these symptoms.

Delivered by a leading physiotherapist, this workshop takes participants through some of the common postural errors made when seated, in order to reduce any pain and discomfort and boost overall performance and wellbeing.

Key Outputs: 

  • Teaches the importance of posture at work

  • Shares common postural dysfunctions and how to correct these 

  • Explains the role of the nervous system - why we need movement and what it can do for us

  • Shares strategies to breathe and re-boot 

  • Explains the pros and cons of sitting Vs standing at work

  • Teaches desk based exercises to improve posture 

Available as:


Duration: 60 mins or 3-hours
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: 25


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Online + recording shared
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 30 min digital recording + support tools
Location: Online
Capacity: Unlimited

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