Boosting Your Immune System


Explores how to give yourself the best chance of staying well.

The winter months can bring a host of challenges when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. The cold weather and dark evenings can drive us into hibernation mode, cosily comfort eating and lacking in motivation to stay active. We’re susceptible to the cold and flu viruses, and then comes December – often a month of gluttony that leaves us feeling heavy and run-down.

This workshop teaches how to balance the long winter months with a sustainably healthy approach. It explains what the immune system really is and explores how food and nutrients can support the immune system and fight off illness. The workshop also considers how lifestyle factors can help to support overall health.

Participants will leave the workshop armed with knowledge of how they can best support themselves to remain well and healthy throughout Winter, and if they should fall ill with a cold or flu, how to recuperate. 


What people say

Adria and Ollie were fantastic, very knowledgeable and realistic goals that we can all adhere too. Polished presenters with an engaging style and very informative, and simple to follow. Thoroughly enjoyable talk we will definitely be looking to welcoming them back in the not too distant future. Thanks – Participant at The Portman Estate

Key Outputs: 

  • Considers the importance of the gut in maintaining overall health and how to support gut balance

  • Looks at healthy and nourishing food options that can boost immunity

  • Explores how imbalance in other lifestyle areas can affect winter health

  • Gives recuperation tips for colds and flu

Available as:


Duration: 60 mins or 3-hours
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: 25


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Online + recording shared
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 60 mins
Location: Your workplace
Capacity: Unlimited


Duration: 30 min digital recording + support tools
Location: Online
Capacity: Unlimited

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