Mind Mood Mastery Course


A 9-week course designed to enhance individual mental and emotional wellbeing and support a wider culture of wellbeing within the organisation.

The Mind Mood Mastery course (MMM) is based on the principles of mindfulness, the six competencies of EQ, wellbeing psychology and neuroscience. The course is designed to equip participants with a Resource Kit of skills to: 


Key Outputs:

  • Promote individual mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Reduce the personal and business costs of stress and mental distress

  • Improve communication and alignment

  • Support a culture of wellbeing within the organisation

The course combines three strands:

Participants leave with a unique Resource Kit of science-based understandings, skills and tools based on these three strands.

  1. Mindfulness - a practice which is scientifically proven to improve personal presence, performance, and creativity.

  2. EQ - six science-based competencies that improve communication, empathy and adaptability.

  3. Skill Set for Health - embedding an organisational culture of wellbeing.

The course is suitable for 12 -16 participants. Questionnaires will be circulated before and after the course, to assess impact.

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